Collaborative Scanning Robot Showcased at Fabtech Expo

Collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots are increasingly being implemented in applications addressing the metal fabricating industry. At the upcoming Universal Robots’ FABTECH exhibition in Las Vegas (November 16-18), new applications will be exhibited by the company’s sales channel partners including preferred System Integrator of the UR cobots, 3D Infotech Inc. who will showcase two automated 3D scanning and inspection solutions utilizing a UR3 and UR5 collaborative scanning robot.

3D Infotech’s Streamline automation software will demonstrate how easy it is to operate and automate quality control, greatly reducing inspection cycle times. 3D Infotech supports a variety of 3D scanners for high-speed, high accuracy, and high resolution data capturing on complex parts.

“New designs, new manufacturing processes give rise to various tolerances and requirements for inspecting parts. We have developed a unique approach to rapidly deploy metrology automation solutions for aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics industries, combining the best in breed 3D vision hardware with Universal Robots, using our very own Streamline automation software and the acclaimed PolyWorks inspection software,” says Rohit Khanna, President, 3D Infotech Inc.


Unlike investments in traditional robotic cells that are caged, pre-programmed and designed for a single purpose, the multi-purpose UR robot offers a lower threshold for investment and offers more possibilities over the life of the investment. The robot arms can be plugged directly into a wall electrical outlet and are so easy to program and set up that the typical “out of box experience” is less than an hour. With more than 10,000 UR cobots now deployed worldwide, Universal Robots has a 60 percent share of the cobot market.

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