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Cobotic Inspection Solution Automates Manufacturing Measurements

Italian CMM manufacturer Fratelli Rotondi has announced a partnership with Homberger Robotica – the Italian technical partner of DOOSAN robotics for collaborative robot applications.

Fratelli Rotondi has a long-standing experience in measuring technologies and started working in 2020 with DOOSAN Robotics developing applications in the metrology sector starting with part loading of traditional CMM up to complete automated measuring systems.

“Why Cobots? Today there are many reason to choose a collaborative robot instead an industrial robot according to Fratelli Rotondi.

First, with its ‘easy to use’ method of programming users can easily move the Cobot to the required position for 3D sensor image acquisition with the Cobot recording its position into the measuring program.

Second, the ‘collaboration’ whereby the operator can safely work with the Cobot. Third, is the accuracy – the Cobot can ensure 30 µm positioning accuracy.

Fourth the flexibility – the Cobot can easily reach any position to obtain the best accuracy during the scanning process.

The easiest is the enslavement. A traditional application for Cobots where automating the process of loading components onto the traditional CMM table before executing automatically part measurement. The interface between Cobot and metrology software is the key for integrated quality control.

There are stated to be a huge amount of applications in metrology that can take real advantage from collaborative robots.

The real step-forward application is to use collaborative robots for direct measuring. The Fratelli Rotondi vision system ‘OptiMe’ is integrated with the Cobot. C-OptiMe (Collaborative OptiMe) is the solution for a range of applications whereby users can measure with stereo vision system using a Cobot in different ways.

The easiest way is to use the Cobot just for positioning and the Fratelli Rotondi C-OptiMe photogrammetry measuring system achieves a measurement sequence simply with self-learning manual positioning of the system. Once the sequence has been recorded it can be simply recalled for multiple part measurement acquisition.

The acquisitions can be merged in different way with the most common method being the flat marker reconstruction. If a requirement is to acquire opposite part surfaces this cannot be achieved with flat markers so in this case Fratelli Rotondi uniquely offers opposite acquisition using spheres to enable a single measuring sequence without moving the object and delivering measuring accuracy of around 15 µm.

For traditional CMM applications the Cobot delivers 30 µm accuracy and allows faster measuring without using photogrammetry markers.

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