Cobotic 3D Scanning Solution Provides Production Quality Control

The QBOX from QFP product range has been extended with the addition of the QBOX MINI COBOT offering automated 3D scanning quality control solution combining flexibility, functionality, and performance.

QBOX Industrial Robot 3D Scanning Cell
QBOX Industrial Robot 3D Scanning Cell

The QBOX MINI COBOT is a compact 3D scanning solution that can be placed in any industrial environment, including sharing the work-space with production operators. QBOX MINI COBOT has been developed with a collaborative robot from Universal Robots providing access to the benefits of advanced robotic automation, with none of the costs associated with traditional robot programming, set-up, and dedicated, shielded work cells. Universal Robots are easy to program, offer fast set up, and are collaborative and safe.

The QBOX MINI COBOT utilizes the ultra compact Zeiss Comet L3D 3D sensor which offers great flexibility, high measuring speed and impressive performance delivering precise 3D data. The sensor automatically recognizes changes in vibration and exposure, even in difficult ambient conditions offering high-end technology for exceptional data quality with maximum ease of use. Sensor light yield and high measuring speed ensure reliable data capture on different part surfaces.


The latest generation of the Zeiss Comet L3D fringe projection sensor uses advanced optical technology; the projector module projects blue LED light as a striped pattern onto the measurement object. This pattern is specifically distorted by the geometry of the inspected component and captured by the camera. Software links the individual camera pixel to a point on the component via triangulation calculations. The point cloud generated is converted to a triangular mesh in STL format from which a 3D model can be generated and used for target/actual comparisons to component 3D CAD model. Compared to laser scanners, fringe projection provides more precise results.

The Zeiss Comet L3D delivers excellent data quality and highly accurate measuring results, making the system the ideal solution for demanding applications in quality inspection. With the Colin3D software generation easy false color comparisons for individual analysis as well as reports for documenting measuring results.

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