CNC On-Machine Measurement Partnership Announced

Applied Automation Technologies, Inc. (AAT) and DMG MORI USA Inc. will offer innovative On-Machine Measuring Software as a solution within the DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP) program.

Having the ability to perform CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) measurement and metrology tasks is an important part of ‘Smart Machining’ manufacturing processes. CappsNC provides capabilities to quickly develop measurement programs offline and run these programs directly on CNC machine tools in a similar way to a CMM. Measurement results are used to adjust machining process parameters such as calculating precise work offsets, dynamic tool compensations and other critical data feedback in an automated process together with providing complete part inspection and SPC reports.

AAT’s CEO Ray Karadayi states “This is a vital step in the digitalization of the manufacturing process which enables parts to be manufactured with highest level of precision with full confidence directly from the machining center. This partnership is great news for the manufacturing community as AAT and DMG MORI will jointly provide a complete solution allowing customers to achieve their manufacturing goals with less effort and lower costs.”

As an integrated solution provider, DMG MORI, in combination with their technologically leading machine tools, offer high-tech peripherals and innovative accessories of selected suppliers. DMG MORI is now enhancing their activities and offering innovative complete solutions from one source under the label DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP).

Certified DMQP partners have to satisfy the most stringent requirements relating to innovative capacity, technological expertise and quality. Coordinated interfaces, securing connectivity, price maintenance and defined warranty conditions ensure ongoing productivity increases for the manufacturing solutions of DMG MORI customers.​​​​​​​

Applied Automation Technologies (AAT) is a global leader in supplying software solutions for metrology, quality control and adaptive manufacturing systems. For more than 30 years AAT has developed CAD based online and offline dimensional measurement software products that are adapted into the manufacturing, quality control and automation processes. As an independent software provider AAT has developed an extensive library of controller interfaces for both CMM and CNC machine-tool controllers. The company has pioneered machine tool metrology with closed loop metrology software since the 1990’s. AAT software allows the adaption and programming of any machine-tool as a CMM with integrated capability of providing real time feedback to the controller allowing adaptive manufacturing to be performed.

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