Automatic Styli Cleaner for CMM Probing Launched

An automatic styli cleaner for Coordinate Measuring machines (CMM) has been launched by Dutch company Mako Machines & Konstrukties.

The patented StyliCleaner can automatically clean CMM styli and can also be used integral to a measurement cycle. A combination of compressed air and detergent removes the contaminants from the styli in just 20 seconds. During the first 10 seconds the stylus is cleaned with a detergent fluid blended with air by a nebulizer.

Contaminated CMM measuring probe styli can cause abnormal measurement results. Manual cleaning is time consuming.

The CMM table mounted StyliCleaner cleans the probe styli in 5 steps:

The CMM  touch-probe moves close by the proximity sensor which activates commencement of the cleaning cycle.
Probe is positioned by the CMM above the cleaning unit.
CMM moves probe moves up and down through the cleaning unit for 20 seconds.
After cleaning with fluid the probe is blasted clean with compressed air.
Probe is returned by the CMM cysle above the cleaning unit and part measurement can commence.

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