CMM Part Program Transator Allow Legacy Migration

Manufacturing companies involved in programs that run for decades need to move part inspection activities among Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) assets from time to time, resulting in substantial unbudgeted costs. Origin International has recently announced the availability of its Origin CMM translators as stand-alone products to solve the problem.

Built on Origin’s proven CheckMate Engine, CMM Translators cut the time and labor to translate programs between CMMs of different vendors by up to 95% and eliminate the programming bottleneck which can make the cost to move legacy parts to other CMMs or facilities with excess capacity prohibitive

Origin is in a unique position to deliver this solution. The company was formed in 1992 to provide tools to monitor process capability, anticipate problems and determine the best fix in software, minimizing down time and tooling costs. A more immediate problem soon became apparent: incompatibility of CMM inspection programs leading Origin to be a founding member of the Digital Metrology Standards Consortium. Over the years Origin’s work with pretty much every CMM brand and programming language helped it contribute to the evolution of the DMIS standard.

Programs may contain bugs that do not affect inspection integrity but wreak havoc with automatic translation algorithms. Programs can contain user defined extensions unique to the requirements of a specific part and due to a number of factors the initial programming techniques used may have been more complex or roundabout than necessary.

Many legacy CMM programs written to inspect older parts may be written in languages that pre-date the DMIS standard.

The bottom line often turns out to be that the only way to move inspection to a different CMM is to re-write all the inspection programs. When thousands of programs are involved, as is often the case, costs can escalate fast, sometimes into the millions of dollars.

This is the business case Origin translators were created to address. Origin translators automate the process of translating legacy inspection programs between CMMs and eliminate 95% of the work.

Origin developed a loader that evaluates inspection programs and detects and corrects bugs. It converts custom DMIS extensions to statements within the standard and simplifies complex methods. The resulting programs require less code to execute and still provide all the data needed for downstream use and analysis. And at the same time, the automatic translator removes 95% of the manual labor of converting the inspection program from one CMM to another.

The stand alone CMM Translators read Native and DMIS CMM Programming languages and convert them to one of many CMM native and DMIS flavored output programs. A full list of available translators can be found on the Origin website.

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