CMM Monitoring Smart App Launched By Wenzel

At the recent Control Exhibition Wenzel Group GmbH announced it’s to equip its Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) with a new intelligence. The Wenzel Intelligent Machine Interface (Wenzel IMI) allows CMM remote monitoring to assist users to collect, analyze and present relevant information regarding the application of its machines in smart format.

The Wenzel IMI can run on desktop, smartphone or tablet and comprises three modules:

mi-WLINKa collects and process information from a CMM and its environment including data regarding ambient temperature, humidity and the historical performance of the machine. Ongoing problems or wear to critical parts are also recorded. Integrated sensor data and CNC controller information is gathered along with warnings and status reports from the metrology software, including measuring program and error messages, which can be evaluated in various scenarios.

The mi-WGUARD solution provides information on all CMMs installed in the same measuring room. In the global mi-WGUARD all of the customers’ machines can be monitored at a global level. The generated data can also be transferred to a secure area at Wenzel, with customer consent, enabling a new quality of cooperation between Wenzel service technicians and the customer, including the possibility to manage service contracts with predictive maintenance.

Visual presentation of all collected data is provided by the mi-WPANEL, which allows customers to be interactively informed about the condition of all connected CMMs. Depending on the selected scenario, the current condition of all measuring machines can be viewed at a glance with detailed information retrieved at any time with access possible in the workplace as well as externally with the use of mobile devices.

mi-WPANEL will be delivered to Wenzel customers free of charge. The Freemium version will provide all basic CMM performance information. The version allowing for the monitoring of an entire measuring room (local scenario) or of all global machines (global scenario) is a premium product.

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