CMM Measurement Fundamentals Book & GD&T Font Available

CMM Measurement Fundamentals

Aimed at the beginner ‘Introduction to CMM Methodology” book will guide the reader through the fundamentals of CMM measurement.  The book defines in detail the basic information required when starting out in a metrology career, focusing on CMM measurement.  The book’s user-friendly approach takes the reader through the different CMM configurations, feature measurement, alignment, reporting and programming.

Introduction to CMM Methodology enables the reader to maximise the benefit from future vendor specific CMM software training ,and should be considered a prerequisite, as well as being a reference manual for trained personnel when faced with new situations or inspection problems.

Questionnaires to test reader knowledge along with detailed inspection examples and a glossary of commonly used terms in included. The book encompsses 45,000 words with over 200 figures and sketches.

Author Mick Hinton, has been in CMM measurement for over 20 years and states he has used too many CMM software’s to mention, the book is based on his experiences and is easy to understand.

G D & T Font – FreeGDT

In addition to authoring the book Mick Hinton has developed a G D & T Font that is available for download free. FreeGDT is a true type font which includes standard drawing and geometrical tolerance symbols. The FreeGDT utility is a user friendly interface to help users generate the tolerance control required for a professional look inspection reports.

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