Closed Loop Cylindrical Gear Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Compliant

At a recent two-day event, 100 gear experts from Europe, Asia and the United States had the opportunity to take a close look at the Höfler cylindrical gear machines from Klingelnberg showcasing the company’s latest innovation including closed loop production techniques.

During live demonstrations and insight into production processes at the Ettlingen Oberweier (Germany) works, Klingelnberg presented its wide range of Höfler cylindrical gear machines – and cutting-edge technology in the cylindrical gear machining sector.  Attendees took the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at the works of one of the market leaders in the gear industry and also talk shop with the Klingelnberg specialists. A total of 13 exhibition areas at the Ettlingen works were dedicated to showcasing the innovative and versatile solutions as well as the very latest technological processes.

World first closed loop for cylindrical gears – Industry 4.0 Compliant

The latest development from the system provider enables direct networking of a closed loop cylindrical gear machine with a measuring centre. This technology was previously only possible with bevel gear machines, and is an absolute global innovation in this market. “By transferring the established Klingelnberg closed loop concept for cylindrical gears, we link the machining centers with the measuring machine and are therefore driving digitization of gear manufacturing firmly forward,” explains Dr. Christof Gorgels, Head of the Precision Measuring Center product line. “The closed loop concept for cylindrical gears is based on an open interface and automates machine correction,” he continues.”

To demonstrate how the latest Industry 4.0 compliant development can be used for practical production, a VIPER 500 cylindrical gear grinding machine was networked with the P 40 measuring machine at the works. “We have been waiting for this interface!” comments a delighted Willi Humbel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Humbel Zahnräder AG. “This development will help us tremendously to simplify production of our toothed gears and improve the quality of our components at the same time.”

6m Diameter Gear Machine

Central focus on Digitization in Production was the main topic at the two-day event. Höfler cylindrical gear grinding machines are not only hallmarked by reliable and highly-developed hardware, but the company’s own GearPro software also guarantees convenient machining and ensures maximum efficiency in daily use.
In addition, attendees were able to obtain information about the wide range of services of the machine construction company. With the “Höfler Service Gate” remote maintenance concept, a global communication network will be established in the future from the Ettlingen Oberweier site.

At the beginning of the technology show, visitors marveled at the sight of a customized eight meter high Höfler HF 6000 cylindrical gear cutting machine at the plant entrance. This cylindrical gear cutting machine for workpieces with a diameter of up to six meters is nothing less than the largest cutting machine in the world with an automated deburring and chamfering unit.

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