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Circular Laser Triangulation Sensor Measures 360° Bore Geometry

The Circular Triangulation Sensor (CiTriS), from GL Messtechnik, is a new step in laser measurement technology. The sensor measures the inner geometry of bores, tubes, containers and other cavities. The radial laser beam measures the complete 360° bore geometry in 2048 angle steps resulting in the precise internal cross section.

A 3D model of the inner wall profile is created when the sensor moves through the object. The new measurement technology offers solutions for tolerance monitoring and error analysis.

The new CiTriS generates a 360° beam directed outwards and measures on a circular line without rotating components. In a plane around the sensor a line is projected onto the inner surface of the measured object. A high resolution image sensor evaluates the line and generates the 2D contour of a section on a plane. A total of 2048 radii are measured along the circumference.

The sensor has a USB-3-interface for 12-V-power supply and PC data output with up to 90 scans per second being recorded.

Sensors with radius measuring ranges from 70mm to 500mm are available. The standard sensors have a diameter of 50mm and a length of 150mm to 250mm. The radial resolution is 1 thousandth of the measuring range radius. The laser class 2M allows applications without special safety requirements.

In addition an API (Application Programming Interface) is available for developers who want to integrate the sensor into their own applications and metrology software.

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