Changing Metrology Landscape Initiates Modified Business Strategy

The metrology landscape has been stagnant for many years, with CMM’s and portable arms being the only viable technologies available for inspection and QC. However, the emergence of radically new and innovative technologies such as optical measurement and 3D scanning, and in particular their use on industrial robots, is shifting the paradigm for those involved in measurement and inspection providing new ways of acquiring Quality Measurement Data.

One metrology supplier, UK’s Measurement Solutions, has recently announced a re-structuring of its business, to accommodate the emergence of new measurement technologies by announcing the formation of a new and dedicated Metrology Integration Division.

Originally  founded in 1998 as a solution provider for users of CMM’s, Measurement Solutions has grown to be the UK’s leading independent providers of CMM services and 3D scanning technologies. However, manufacturing industry is progressively moving away from CMM’s towards portable metrology systems, in particular hand-held scanning, and automated inspection using industrial robots. To better address these changes, we are announcing a strategical re-structuring of our business activities to provide customers with a more responsive and technically capable sales and support experience.

Leading the new Metrology Integration Division is David Harper. With over 30 years experience in the CMM sector, Dave is excited by the recent news and comments “We want our customers to be able to take full control of their measuring processes, and not have to compromise and adapt how they measure simply due to limitations imposed on them by the robot or measuring device provider”.

“With the latest Metrolog X4 -iRobot, our customers can choose any combination of robot and measuring device. For example, they may have a preferred robot integrator or scanning system provider who they wish to work with, or even have existing robots or scanners available that they would like to utilize for this purpose. We can combine all devices into a seamless, fully automated solution, which can even be programmed by the user just like a traditional CMM, without the need for intervention or dependency on third party programming companies.”

The new Division addresses the growing demand for integrating metrology solutions with industrial robots, approaching the robotics sector from a completely different perspective than has been seen so far in the market. This new approach treats a robot inspection cell “just like a CMM” and focuses on a well-proven metrology software solution.

The latest Metrolog X4 i-Robot is a single integration software that can connect all robots and all measuring devices into a common cohesive solution, and is the only dedicated 3D inspection and metrology software to provide off-line and real-time robot programming, metrological analysis and PLC integration, all-in-one software package. There is no limitation to the flexibility offered, as users can select the best combination of robot and measuring device to suit their specific application needs and support requirements, and can easily exchange or upgrade measuring technologies if required in the future.

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