Calibration and Metrology Compensation Survey

Fluke Calibration has released the results of their first annual Calibration and Metrology Compensation Survey.  Data collected in this survey shows median annual base salary information across multiple industries and disciplines in the field of metrology, and how those incomes differ between educational backgrounds, gender, years of service, job titles, and more.

Fluke Calibration sponsored and created the survey. Invitations were circulated via email and on social media. The survey included 17 questions about respondents’ geographic location; type of organization, industry, and lab; gender; job title; education and years of experience; salary; and workload. Salary estimates listed below are based on median values by volume of pay ranges selected.

934 participants completed the survey across the globe. A little more than a third (35 %) of respondents work in an Industrial or Field Test Laboratory. The next largest group (29 %) work in a Manufacturer Metrology/Test Group or Lab, closely followed (23 %) by those who work in an Other Laboratory or Professional Metrology Group. Small percentages work in a National Metrology Institute (6 %) or Primary Standards Lab (8 %).

More than half reported holding a bachelor’s (50 %) or master’s (15 %) degree and 2 % earning a PhD. The remaining 33 % hold a high school diploma. Most respondents were male.

The sample of respondents included 94 % male and 6 % female. Almost a third (32 %) of the respondents claim a Calibration Technician job role. Metrologist made up 18 % of the respondents, followed by Calibration Engineers at 17 %. Most respondents in the survey live in North America, with select representation from Asia, Europe and some Middle East/Africa. Few respondents came from Latin America so Data was unable to be broken out from that region.

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