CAD Bridge Allows Real Time GD&T Changes To CAD

Capvidia and KOTEM have announced a new product called CAD Bridge that improves efficiency in Model-Based Enterprises at the Control Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.

The ability to validate and change the GD&T in CAD files closes what until now has been an open loop in a Model-Based Enterprise. The KOTEM and Capvidia bridge allows direct changes to the CAD file from the GD&T proofing tool. It represents an important industry milestone for allowing companies like KOTEM to solve designers’ GD&T challenges. The initial product allows KOTEM’s EVOLVE Design through its CAD Bridge to directly interact with and change the GD&T (GPS; PMI) in a PTC Creo CAD model via Capvidia’s powerful MBDVidia software.

EVOLVE Design from Kotem offers flexible solutions for the modern designer through the correct application of GD&T (GPS) on their CAD model. Based on KOTEM SmartProfile, EVOLVE Design proofs the model’s GD&T then uses a powerful explanatory system to identify errors and provide warnings of potential problems while updating the Creo CAD model.

Capvidia is an industry leader in semantic PMI technology. The technology in its MBDVidia software enables 3D annotations on a CAD model to be used downstream for automation and also establishes digital traceability of downstream data back to the master design model. This opens the opportunity for advanced analytics and data mining, creating the bridge between Capvidia’s product suite and smart technologies like KOTEM EVOLVE Design.

At Control 2019, Capvidia and KOTEM demonstrated how this bridge will assure both designers and inspectors they are using the exact same GD&T (GPS) information; the demonstration being a powerful show of how the silos of the past are being broken down.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with KOTEM to enable this intelligent MBD workflow. Our users are always searching for ways to extend the digital thread to and from the authority CAD model to best-in-class tools like the KOTEM EVOLVE Suite. We think that Creo users will see a huge benefit from being able to use the EVOLVE tools within the context of their native Creo GD&T data.” — Daniel Campbell, Director of Business Development at Capvidia

“At KOTEM, we believe that to improve our customers’ overall experiences, our products need to be in the hands of designers. To do that independently would have meant dedicating extensive research and efforts to CAD models. Partnering with Capvidia who have extensive CAD experience allows us to keep doing what we are great at and expand our support of MBD across the enterprise”– Ray Stahl, VP of Marketing at KOTEM.

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