BuildIT 2018 Release Adds Compare Point Clouds

BuildIT Software & Solutions has announced the release of BuildIT Metrology 2018, a major update to the 3D metrology software. BuildIT 2018 adds many new features and improvements including the ability to both plan projections and operate a laser projector from within the BuildIT platform, along with several large point cloud commands, including cloud to cloud analysis, cloud registration, and corner extraction.

BuildIT is a leading large volume metrology software solution for alignment, inspection and build applications.

BuildIT includes industry best-in-class features such as device bundling and real-time visual feedback in a simple and modern user interface allowing users to position parts with micrometer accuracy for high-precision assembly and alignment applications.  The addition of the laser projector planner & operator interface complements BuildIT workflow allowing users to project layouts and dynamically display analysis feedback.

New capabilities in BuildIT include:

Compare Clouds

New cloud to cloud analysis allowing any point cloud to be directly compared to another reference point cloud.

Improved Cloud Registration

Cloud registration command simply select all clouds to register and allows BuildIT determine the best alignment.

Smarter Color Mapping

Detect Corners

Detect Corners

Create points at intersections in point clouds with Extract Corner command.

Device Representation in 3D View

BuildIT now features realistic representations of the measurement devices in the 3D view, making it easier to understand the inspection setup in screenshots and reports.

Support For faro’s Imager GUI

BuildIT now integrates FARO’s Imager GUI, an intuitive new interface that gives users full control over an array of imagers and a rotary stage. Capturing a series of scans with multiple exposures at various angles is now a matter of a few seconds.

Improved Section Planes Definition

Using the mouse’s scroll wheel or drag with the left mouse button quickly positions the origin of a section plane and also works in many other commands where a set of X,Y,Z coordinates can be entered.

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