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Brunson Donates to Foodbanks Across the Globe

Approaching the holiday season, Brunson Instrument Company has completed a food donation program providing more than 2430 meals to 80 foodbanks worldwide. The donations were offered as an incentive for metrology practitioners to complete the first annual Brunson Metrology Survey. Those who completed the survey could designate a location, and Brunson made a 30-meal donation to the specified area foodbank.

“These are stressful times for household budgets, and this effort is the least we could do to help out in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the food insecurity it has generated around the world,” said company president Deighton Brunson. “We wanted to do something to help out,” he added.

The Brunson Metrology Survey examined critical questions relating to current trends and future developments in the metrology field. It was conducted over the past 90 days and generated 136 responses from around the world. Survey results will be published in

“We learn a great deal through conversations with our customers, but our opportunities for dialogue have been limited by the pandemic,” said Deighton Brunson, company president. “The survey expressed our always-expanding curiosity in industrial measurement,” he added.

Brunson Instrument Company designs, manufactures and markets portable measurement and alignment solutions for high-precision industrial applications. The company’s product line includes metrology instrument stands, laser tracker target holders, calibration equipment, optical tooling instruments and scaling artifacts.

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