Bruker Alicona Launch Equipment Loan Program to Med-Tec Sector

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation and are trying to master new challenges as best we can.

Especially now it is becoming apparent how important it is to work hand in hand and to be aware of one’s social and societal responsibility. To this end Bruker Alicona are launching its ‘Operation Safety Measures’ program by approaching companies from the Med-Tec sector to assist and support them.

Bruker alicona will supply 6 fully equipped optical 3D measuring systems to measure form and roughness of micro featured surfaces free of charge for 3 months. Installation and training will be executed online.

Bruker Alicona measurement systems are applied in all areas of precision manufacturing. They are used in both research and production for verification of dimensional accuracy and surface roughness measurement. In the medical sector, applications include both pharmaceutics and measurements in the orthopedic field. Based on the technology of Focus-Variation, users particularly benefit from high accuracy and high repeatability when measuring very smooth and shiny surfaces. Composites and plastic material are measured in high resolution.

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