Co-location Inspection Service Brings 3D Scanning Lab Onsite to Customers

Level 3 Inspection (L3I) of Florida, USA has announced its new “Co-location” service, bringing its 3D scanning inspection laboratory onsite to customer facilities. As the first to offer onsite inspection services for precision components manufacturers, Level 3 expects to dramatically accelerate the dimensional inspection report process and delivery in the aviation supply chain industry.

“Jet engine parts manufacturers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver components quickly,” said Bill Greene, CEO of Level 3 Inspection. “By bringing our 3D scanning lab and technicians to their facilities, manufacturers can now have answers in minutes or hours rather than days.”

Through the Co-location service, L3I technicians and equipment can be onsite anywhere in the U.S. within as little as 36 hours. This eliminates the time and cost it takes for manufacturers to ship parts back and forth for scanning and inspection, speeding the process while saving them money.

The Co-location service provides especially high value to parts manufacturers who have backlogs or are ‘under the gun’ to fulfill orders in a short amount of time. It also gives manufacturers greater flexibility, allowing them to shift priorities quickly on the spot if an emergency or other pressing matter arises.

“A client recently referred to us as their ’emergency response team,” added Greene. “Our goal is to help our clients deliver conforming parts faster, to meet their customers’ demands.”

L3I has pilot tested the Co-location program with a handful of customers, all of whom have given positive feedback. L3I has the capability to go onsite for short-term or long-term engagements, providing first article inspection (FAI) or ongoing production parts inspection services.

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