Bluewrist Partner To Bring Robotic Flexible Inspection into China’s Manufacturing Sector

Istuary Innovation Group (Istuary) and Bluewrist Inc. have announced they will enter into a new agreement to bring industrial robotics automation solutions to the Chinese market. On February 16th, at a signing ceremony and technical demonstration at Bluewrist’s Markham headquarters, representatives from both companies were on hand to demonstrate the leading-edge technology that has been used and successfully deployed in North America for over 10 years.

Bluewrist offers innovative industrial automation solutions and products in the areas of robotics and machine vision, including robotic guidance, bin-picking, flexible inspection, 3D scanning and robot calibration.

Istuary Toronto Capital confirmed the $2M investment in Bluewrist will be its first into the emerging robotics technology and represents both entities’ strong intention and ability to bring the cutting-edge technology to a new, expansive market. China is a massive market with great opportunity for Canadian technology companies, and this partnership, based on Istuary’s glocalization principles, takes a fresh approach to how Canadian companies can access new markets while maintaining Canadian operations and securing IP protection.

“Bluewrist is a recognized leader in the development and delivery of robotic and vision solutions that deliver efficiency and cost reduction to production. Over the past 10 years, Bluewrist has secured a solid base in North America. Today’s announcement with Istuary Innovation Group signals our intention to pursue the massive Chinese market and we are confident that their in-country capacity and complementary engineering capability will accelerate our collective success,” states Najah Ayadi, CEO of Bluewrist.

As a brand partner of Istuary Innovation Group, Istuary Toronto Capital is in the unique position to help Bluewrist leverage Istuary Innovation Group’s broad spectrum of technological capabilities and proven ability to penetrate the Chinese market.

“We are extremely proud to work with Bluewrist to bring a much-awaited technology to a market that Istuary has proven success. Istuary has access to more than 1,000 key human resources at 17 locations in China with well-connected services in marketing business development, in-service support and other key services accessible to its partners. We plan to leverage these key capabilities to bring to market a successful partnership with Bluewrist into China through this investment,” says Alex Wang, Managing Partner of Istuary Toronto Capital.

Istuary Innovation Group is a Canadian technology company with a mission to connect local technology to global markets through glocalization for sustainable innovation. Headquartered in Vancouver, Istuary Innovation Group is led by founder and chairman, Ethan Sun and focuses on identifying and filling technology gaps in foreign markets by leveraging Canada’s world class design and engineering talent. The company specializes in high-barrier technologies, moving from digital solutions to intelligent solutions.

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