Blue Light Scanner Launches with Bluetooth 3D Tactile Probe

OptimScan 5M Plus high-speed blue light 3D scanner offers multiple scanning ranges by incorporates a new generation of changeable lens optical projection module allowing convenient switching between scanning ranges with no adjustment of its 5 mega pixel camera positions. The convenient operation of the new Shining3D scanner allows users to easily collect detailed high-precision, high-quality 3D data.

OptimScan 5M Plus uses a narrow-band blue light source with strong anti-interference that effectively avoids the impact of external environment and offers a wide application range. A new generation of high-resolution projection ensures higher data quality for perfect scanning of detailed features. Using high-speed hardware acquisition and synchronization technology a single scan time is under 0.5 seconds with the accuracy of 3D measurement up to 0.005mm.

The OptimScan 5M Plus also offers optical CMM measurement through the integration of a wireless Bluetooth 3D Probe allowing measurement of part features that are typically inaccessible using non-contacted scanning such as very deep holes. The light and portable 3D Probe design combines optical 3D scanning and contact 3D measurement into a single measuring solution. The system also supports an automatic turntable for fully automatic part scanning.

The OptimScan 5M Plus will also unveiled at Control 2017 Expo Stuttgart 9-12 May on Booth 3001 Hall 3.

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