Blue Laser CMM Scanning Sensor Offers Improved Performance

Laser Design Inc has pioneered laser scanning for more 30 years as a provider of ultra-precise 3D scanning systems and 3D measurement services. With the fast-growing application of 3D laser scanning for reverse engineering, production-part dimensional inspection, and as a complement to 3D printing, Laser Design has introduced the XLP; its latest CMM blue laser scanning sensor.

Highly reflective materials have always been a challenge for laser scanners, requiring part spraying with a powder coating severely inhibiting the practical use on repetitive manufactured parts. The new blue laser XLP sensor is claimed to offer 50% more accuracy, 70% faster scan rate and up to a 30% higher resolution with advanced noise suppression controls

XLP probe models are available in a variety of laser line lengths with varying accuracy levels. With the ability to scan everything from small, highly detailed parts to large automotive and aerospace parts, XLP probes are the answer for precise CMM laser scanning.

The XLP Application Tools Library contains all the tools essential for data capturing, buffering, and outputting profile data. Consisting of ActiveX controls and available in object form for all the popular PC-based development environments, the library provides a straightforward integration path for metrology software developers and system integrators.

Common applications for XLP Sensor are Part-checking against CAD, Dimensional Inspection including GD&T Measurements, and Reverse Engineering.

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