Benchmarking Machine Tool Performance With NC-Checker

One of the main reasons for part error in machined component is the inaccuracy of the CNC machine tool’s geometric performance. This occurs when the linear and rotary motion operate outside tolerances necessary to manufacture the part accurately.

NC-Checker from Metrology Software Products Ltd (MSP) has been developed to quickly check a machine tool’s linear and rotary movements and provide performance results in a singular report. By checking a machine tool’s tolerances, NC-Checker provides a level of machine tool diagnostics allowing confirmation of just how accurate a 5-axis machine tool actually is.

NC-Checker performs a series of checks/operations on the selected machine tool in around 40 minutes. The collected data is compiled into a single easy to interpret report that combines the results of the specified machine tolerances. The report can be used to assess a machine in detail or be compared against previously collected performance data.

A benchmark of a machine produced before commencing production provides a reference point to help identify machine issues that could affect long-term performance; over time the report can show machine drift and alert when a critical point is reached and where machine maintenance is required.

NC-Checker’s benchmark reports can be integrated into a company’s quality processes and assist in identifying machine to machine variation when identical machines are manufacturing the identical part.

NC-Checker uses the machine’s on-board machine tool probe to perform the programmed checks on a master reference sphere. The NC Checker runs on a PC or tablet connected wirelessly to the machines CNC Controller.

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