Bench-Top CMM Offers Augmented Reality

The Keyence XM Series of bench-top CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), with hand-held probe, brings a new approach to coordinate metrology. For repetitive inspections the user simply touches the part with the probe stylus while following the augmented reality guidance on the system screen. The system adopts a new principle that includes a camera capturing the near-infrared light emitted from markers. Due to approximate 100 LEDs on the coordinate measuring machine probe, and nano-order surface processing, users can achieve repeatability of ±3 μm despite being manual operated.

The camera on the XM bench-top Series is tasked with capturing only the near-infrared light emitted from the markers and as long as the probe is within the camera’s field of view the machine can detect the probe’s spatial position and orientation.

The handheld probe makes measurements easy. Parts can be approached freely from any angle, making it simple to measure dimensions that are otherwise difficult to measure with traditional bridge CMMs. Unlike conventional CMMs, the XM series has no moving parts making the system highly resistant to dust and vibrations and also eliminates the need for maintenance and hard calibration. It also supports operating environment temperatures ranging from 50 – 90°F.

Industry First Augmented Reality Measurement

The probe camera makes it possible to capture images while performing measurements. The measurement data is overlaid on the part image, making it easy  to understand what was measured even when the image is viewed at a later time.

Wide Measurement Range in a Small Footprint

The robust sliding stage on the XM Series can support loads of 25kg and allows the measuring volume to be increased making it possible to measure large and complex parts in a compact installation space.

Rigid Structure with Strong Resistance to External Vibrations

The XM Series frame offers high stiffness due to its unique design in order to allow measurements to be performed even in locations that are problematic for conventional coordinate measuring machines, such as next to processing machines at manufacturing sites or on the second floor of a building.

Easy Programming

No previous CMM programming experience is needed to operate the XM. Simply select the desired measurement parameters (elements, GD&T) and measure the target to complete programming. Augmented reality guidance images are created automatically, and measurement points with their 3D elements are visually overlaid.


Two models sizes of XM are available offering measuring ranges of 300 mm × 250 mm × 150 mm and 600 mm × 300 mm × 200 mm.

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