Be In Control With Metrology News

Metrology News will be running a new section ‘BE IN CONTROL’ on its home page over the coming weeks dedicated to new products, innovations and announcements, that would have occurred had the international CONTROL Messe, scheduled for early May, not have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Metrology News has previewed this important industry event every year in a series of special articles leading up to the show and has always reported daily live from the show floor. Unfortunately we will now all miss the networking and dynamics associated with this year’s event.

CONTROL is a hugely critical exhibition to the metrology sector. Its cancellation, due to the current crisis, leaves a significant gap in marketing outreach for the many companies involved in metrology that would have been participating. With so many of us now home-working Metrology News believes that the new ‘Be In Control’ section will provide all of us a chance to remain updated with all of the latest developments in the industry by being showcased in this dedicated news section of Metrology News.

CONTROL is now scheduled to run again in May 2021.