Automating Hand Held Scanning Work Flows

Since its initial release in mid-2017, Streamline© has established itself as a leading software used in the deployment of metrology automation systems. 3D Infotech has been taking feedback from customers and aggressively adding features to deliver greater value in quality inspection processes.

The release of Streamline Assist by 3D Infotech allows users to take advantage of Streamline’s ease-of-use and workflow automation capabilities for hand-held scanning applications:

Streamline Assist makes 3D scanning processes easy to deploy to a variety of operators being tightly integrated with Creaform’s HandySCAN and MetraScan product lines.  Operators can simply select a part number, enter or bar code scan a serial number, along with any pertinent information to trigger the inspection workflow.  With visual guidance, the operator is prompted to scan the part and once data capture process is completed, every other step thereafter is completed automatically, all the way through the report creation process.

3D Infotech’s development team has added hundreds of features in the past year, to enable manufacturing companies to rapidly deploy Universal Metrology Automation (UMA) solutions for a variety of robots and measurement devices for factory automation. The addition of Streamline Assist enables 3D Infotech to reach out to companies that cannot immediately benefit from robotic automation.

Streamline Assist user benefits are stated as improving quality while increasing throughput, reducing user errors, retention of inspection know-how and processes, reducing inspection times by up to 70%.

3D Infotech develops UMA systems and software for factory automation and augmented reality market segments. Streamline is 3D Infotech’s flagship automation software designed to help users to take advantage of both 2D and 3D machine vision systems to rapidly deploy consistent and repeatable workflows to their inspection processes.

Streamline Assist Features Include:

  • Workflow automation tool for hand-held metrology devices
  • Manage multiple inspection projects through a single interface
  • Preset scanner settings and data meshing parameters
  • Provide varying levels of user access control
  • Simple touch-screen user experience
  • Provide guided instructions to operators including text, images, and videos
  • Part traceability inputs, defined by user
  • Automate PolyWorks software processes easily through guided program setup
  • Integration with projection systems using Spotlight© AR++
  • Create inspection reports automatically
  • Able to integrate with third party quality management systems

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