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Automating CMM Part ID, Alignment and Measurement

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched the metrology industry’s first system to automatically identify, align and select the measurement routine for a part on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

EYE-D, is an automated part recognition and alignment tool designed to increase productivity, eliminate errors and help manufacturers overcome increasing labour shortages within manufacturing. It meets manufacturers’ need for a more intuitive and autonomous CMM system that is as simple to operate as pressing a button.

Manufacturers want to reduce the quality cycle time, but a metrology skills shortage makes it challenging for them to do so. EYE-D is an industry first that enables operators to obtain accurate results from a CMM with minimal training. And because the system is automated, it eliminates operator error while delivering higher productivity rates, making it the ideal tool to accompany the development of more autonomous industrial ecosystems.

In a survey performed by Hexagon 43% of surveyed manufacturers said the most challenging aspect of executing a CMM measurement routine was fixture placement and part alignment.

EYE-D, which is equipped with an industrial 4K camera, removes the need for operators to manually align parts. It instantly recognises the part, automatically performs alignment, selects and launches the correct measuring routine.

In addition to helping manufacturers address the industry-wide problem of hiring and training CMM operators, EYE-D captures alignment data digitally, which means it can be used to improve processes within a connected and collaborative manufacturing environment.

EYE-D is compatible with Hexagon’s GLOBAL S CMMs sizes ranging from 05.YY.05 to 07.YY.07, and the 7.10.7 Shop Floor CMM. It can be ordered with new CMMs or added as an update to existing installed machines that are equipped with Inspect / PC-DMIS 2018 R2 and subsequent versions of the software.

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