Automatic Tracking Turntable For 3D Scanning

Artec 3D has announced the release of the Artec Turntable, an intelligent rotating platform that features auto-tracking capabilities for the creation of flawless 3D scans of even the most intricate small objects. Powered by Bluetooth, the Artec Turntable is directly integrated into Artec Studio 3D data processing software. The Artec Turntable paired with the Artec Space Spider handheld 3D scanner with 0.05 mm 3D point accuracy, captures 7.5 frames per second.

“Our goal at Artec 3D has always been to make high precision professional tools as user-friendly as possible, reducing the learning curve to a minimum. The Artec Turntable, our handheld scanners and our Artec Studio software all work intuitively together to simplify all aspects of the scanning process,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D. “No matter how complex an object may be, the Artec Turntable will ensure that no features are missed during the scanning process. The technology nearly does all the work for you.”

Automating the Scanning Process

Capturing professional-grade 3D scans has never been easier according to Artec 3D. During the scanning process, users simply need to lift the scanner a little higher or lower while the object is automatically rotated, and the data capture is displayed through Artec Studio. As a result, it is very easy to keep tracking of the object. .

Auto-Tracking Recovery

If tracking is lost any time during the scanning process, the Artec Turntable will pause, and reverse rotate back to the point where tracking was lost. The scanner automatically regains tracking and the turntable will commence rotation again ensuring a smooth scanning process. Without the Artec Turntable, the user would manually need to retrace the scanning path to find the point in which tracking was lost.

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