Automatic Inline Point Cloud Evaluation

With OptoInspect3D Inline large 3D data sets generated by optical measuring systems can be compared with their optimal reference geometries fast and automatically allowing validation of each measured part inline within the manufacturing chain. Since the different functions are provided as a library, they can be integrated flexibly into hardware and software systems for automated measurements and the production control of products and component parts.

Highest Performance
Using highly efficient algorithms and data structures combined with multi-core support, huge data sets can be processed so fast that real time evaluations and inline integration into manufacturing chains becomes possible.

Simple and flexible integration
Independent of the digitization method or device (3D scanner with structured light, light section or laser scans) 3D point clouds can be analysed and the geometry validated. The methods from the C++ library can be easily accessed via a C API and integrated into customized applications and workflows. Additionally, a graphical environment can be used to test the different functionalities and for the definition of geometric parameters for the analysis of the 3D point clouds.

Certified Accuracy
Fast yet precise! The German national metrology institute (PTB) attested to OptoInspect3D Inline “deviation of the smallest order” (i.e. < 0.1 μm or 0.1“). The software incorporates robust and efficient methods for Alignment, Comparison nominal/actual (CAD, point cloud), GD&T analysis, Best Fit,  and Approximation via geometric primitives (3D, 2D)

OptoInspect3D Inline is already in use at companies including Airbus Group SE, Robert Bosch GmbH, Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH, HOLO3 Optical Metrology, MTU Aero Engines AG and Volkswagen AG,

OptoInspect3D was originally scheduled to be exhibited at the Control 2020 event in the Fraunhofer Alliance “Vision” Special Show “Contactless Measuring Technology”.

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