Automatic ‘Go/No-Go’ Damage-Mapping Of Entire Aircraft Bays

With the growing adoption of its dentCHECK tool by airlines and MROs, 8tree is now rolling out dentCHECK pano – which promises to further accelerate aircraft damage inspections while maintaining the quality and ease of measurement.

“Our latest pano offering marks a milestone in a multi-year journey that began with requests from our customers in the aviation industry”, said Erik Klaas, CTO, 8tree. “They wanted us to develop a quick and seamless method to map entire aircraft bays, similar to how dentCHECK already allows them to perform quick spot-checks on smaller areas. dentCHECK pano allows them to do just that, producing a digital collage that can be archived for comparison during future maintenance. In early customer trials, pano has directly driven more than 95% time-savings compared to traditional methods. Now, in less than 10 minutes, dentCHECK pano can inspect, stitch and report an entire aircraft bay – this task would otherwise have taken 3-4 hours! This has significant upside implications for RVSM measurements.”

“With pano, 8tree continues to expand the dentCHECK eco-system”, said Arun Chhabra, CEO, 8tree. “The company’s 8cloud, Blend-Out Assistant and Multi-damage report offerings were introduced earlier this year. The combined impact of these new offerings enhances maintenance efficiency by orders of magnitude – far in excess of the 90% time-savings enabled by the dentCHECK tool alone.”

dentCHECK is a handheld-portable, completely wireless 3D scanner tool with integrated AR that is purpose-built for the aviation maintenance industry. It is now used by the world’s leading commercial, cargo and defense MROs, including easyJet, Delta TechOps, Aeromexico, Airbus and DHL-Express. Delivering real-time ‘go/no-go’ answers at the push of a single-button, the tool significantly reduces damage-mapping and reporting times, compared to traditional manual methods that use depth-gauges and straight-edges. This shortens aircraft Turn-around-Time, which further reduces lost revenues and very directly improves operational efficiency for airlines. dentCHECK enhances safety through an improved understanding of airframe reliability.

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