Automated Visual Inspection System Uses Artificial Intelligence

In today’s advanced manufacturing industries quality controls are performed at almost every step in the manufacturing process with subsequent automation and data processing becoming a increasing requirement as Industry 4.0 implementation takes hold. However, even with automated controls, visual inspection remains a requirement at some point in a product manufacturing cycle.

Humans are not infallible. We miss things and sometimes overlook something obvious which, in the manufacturing world, can have very time consuming, expensive and irreversible consequences.

LYNX from G2Metric is an innovative and non-conventional quality control inspection solution offering a fully automated vision system using an automated directional zoom vision system coupled with a motorized lighting unit.

The LYNX solution is based upon image correlation algorithms and automates the search for deviations between a reference image and acquired image. Unlike most of conventional vision systems LYNX works on a large Volume Range of 360° x 210° x 10 meters. LYNX performs automatic inspection removing human factors and reducing incidences of non-compliance automating reporting operation highlighting inspection results thereby guarantee the quality of the product.

LYNX has built-in robotic controlled lighting controlling environment light during part inspection ensuring consistent and repeatable variation between reference and acquired images and compensating for changes in environmental light throughout the day and night.

The LYNX light also provides part interaction after inspection by highlighting the inspected areas with a color coded pass or fail projected light.

LYNX has already adopted by Tier One suppliers in order to carry out improved quality control by automating their inspection processes, reducing errors and providing the capacity to increase production rates, while guaranteeing the quality of manufactured product and their traceability.

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