Automated Robotic Inspection Provides Fast 3D Production Measurements

During the past 30 years the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has been the most common device deployed for the automated inspection of manufactured parts. Over the past decade CMM designs have evolved to become faster and more capable of being installed directly on the production floor however most CMM installations remain stand-alone with little integration directly into the manufacturing process principally due to their slow speeds, cost and complexity of automation.

In recent years the uptake of the 6 axis industrial robot as a ‘motion provider’ for optical and line scanning sensors has dramatically increased as the servo controlled 3 axis robot wrist offers improved dexterity, high payload and a more cost effective solution than the traditional 2 axis CMM indexing probe head.

A new configuration of Automated Robotic Inspection System (ARIS) has recently been introduced by US based ARIS Technology. The unique ARIS inspection solution does not require strict precision of part presentation simplifying part loading whether integrated with semi or full automation. ARIS provides inspection setup and cycle times up to 10 times faster than a conventional CMM.

ARIS flexible API-based integration platform is sensor agnostic allowing structured blue-light area scanners, laser area scanners, laser line scanners or multi-line scanners to be utilized based upon measurement application. ARIS can also employ a traditional CMM touch probe for use as an end of arm tool allowing the robot to measure features less than optimal for optical sensors.

ARIS’s integration software offers a quick and easy integration of chosen 3D scanner, industrial robot, and metrology software (Polyworks, Geomagic, etc.). ARIS automation software provides a single touch-screen experience to minimize user training and is empowered by automated calibration and easy error handling management. The ARIS setup software is supported by AI and automatically captures and processes 3D data. Embedded machine intelligence provides a significant reduction in automation setup by using historical and real-time data.

ARIS can be supplied in three system configurations:

  • Kiosk Solution – standalone cell
  • Hybrid Solution – automatic inline inspection
  • Integrated Inline Solution – large part process inspection

A recent near-line system deployment, utilizing an area-laser scanner, system precision down to 15 microns was achieved due to the fully integrated automated calibration and data-driven image processing techniques.

ARIS’s user experience doesn’t end at the production floor. Using ARIS’s web application, users can monitor the system status, access real-time reports and SPC data remotely using any mobile device.

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