Automated Part Transportation Into Optical Robotic Inspection Cell

The measuring area of the newly built VW production plant in Poland, is a model for future-oriented technology. The latest technology measuring stations equipped with optical and tactile measuring systems are integrated with driver-less transportation plates, which transport various body parts and their measuring fixtures up to complete, roadworthy VW Crafter commercial vehicles to the measuring cells without any mechanical guidance system.

For the production of all Crafter models sold worldwide, VW set up the new automobile plant in the Polish city of Września, which was launched at the beginning of September 2016 and which will employ around 3000 staff during full operation. The new VW Crafter is available in a wide range of model variants to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Measuring technicians equip the robotic transportation plates with part holdings fixtures and parts in parallel. At the push of a button the transportation plate journey begins docking into the predetermined measuring cell. Using automated robots complete bodies-in white are measured optically in record breaking times of under two hours.

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