Automated Manual Inspection Solutions at Automate

Radiant Vision Systems, a provider of high-resolution imaging solutions for automated visual inspection will demonstrate the flexibility of its photometry-based imaging portfolio to solve a range of inspection challenges at upcoming Automate 2019 exhibition. From light & color measurement, to cosmetic inspection, to assembly verification, Radiant cameras help manufacturers to ensure the total quality of devices from the inside out.

Radiant’s ProMetric® Imaging Photometers and Colorimeters simulate the human eye’s response to brightness and wavelengths of light using tristimulus optical filters and calibrated camera/lens systems. ProMetric cameras leverage CCD resolutions up to 29 megapixels to capture highly-detailed images of devices to provide precise metrology of variations in light and color. Because of their imaging benefits, ProMetric systems also offer an alternative to machine vision imaging for evaluating non-lit components such as surfaces, which may have subtle cosmetic flaws, and complex assemblies, which can present a variety of defects. Offering increased imaging resolution and dynamic range for automated visual inspection, ProMetric systems bridge a long-standing technological gap in manufacturing environments where human inspectors are necessary for their superior perception of defects, but where automation is desired for its efficiency and repeatability.

At the Automate exhibition, Radiant will also demonstrate its assembly verification station, the INSPECT.assembly. Designed as a fully-integrated enclosure, the INSPECT.assembly combines a high-resolution ProMetric imager, bright field lighting, and programmable inspection software to detect subtle, low-contrast defects on complex electromechanical assemblies that human inspectors may miss. The station offers adjustable height and portability to fit existing assembly lines. INSPECT.assembly can be rolled up to conveyers in production environments, or used at inspection stations to perform real-time quality control with greater accuracy and repeatability than human inspectors or traditional machine vision systems, while occupying the same footprint as an inspector on the line. The system performs a range of inspections simultaneously or in sequence with tools for determining presence, position, and routing of cables, fasteners, connectors, screws, and a range of other internal components. Defects such as loose connectors and misrouted cables, which may pass functional test or escape human inspection, may worsen in shipping or with device usage. Applied before ICT or assembly enclosure, the in-line INSPECT.assembly system provides final verification of all internal components to prevent latent failures and returned/recalled products.

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