Automated Foundry 3D Quality Control

Optical quality inspection is a particular challenge for cast parts with complex geometries or rough surfaces. With VINSPEC 3D INLINE, the Wiesbaden, Germany based image processing specialist VITRONIC offers a fully automatic inspection system that scans the surfaces of complex components such as crankcases or cylinder heads.

The system inspects integrated in the production line and enables short cycle times. Even the smallest surface defects and geometric deviations are detected with 100% reliability: independent of the material, simultaneously and from all sides. NIO parts are sorted out for reworking or as rejects. The system supports manual reworking with networked data and clear visualization for the operator. The result: safety and function-critical components are produced with consistently high quality and deviations in the process can be corrected at an early stage.

VINSPEC 3D INLINE inspects all surfaces contact-free – up to six different side surfaces simultaneously. All side surfaces of the component are scanned simultaneously and each scanned as a 3D point cloud. The point cloud is compared with the 3D model stored for each side; the smallest local deviations can thus be precisely determined. The test regions can be configured individually for each side of a component and different tolerance limits can be defined for width, length, depth and volume.

VINSPEC 3D INLINE checks within these predefined tolerance limits:

  • External geometries: Complete, error-free and without damage (e.g. cast-on slugs damaged or broken off)
  • Component openings: Complete, flawless and without closure (e.g. closed by sand/pouring/core fracture)
  • Surfaces: Error-free and without damage (e.g. notches due to mechanical impact, cold running, drawing points, burrs, sand spots)

All test information flows directly into the live log and is stored in an integrated database for later tracking, evaluation and statistics, component-related and by test region. In addition, the software provides live hotspot analyses in order to detect accumulations of defects in good time and to support any need for adjustment in production. All inspection results are recorded, visualized, archived and analysed – for the sustainable optimization of processes, costs and quality in casting production.

VINSPEC 3D INLINE transmits the recorded test data to visualization stations for manual reworking where the operator sees all identified defects in different views. Data from external inspections (e.g. X-ray, CT) can be integrated into the visualization and used for optimal reworking.

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