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Automated Dimensional Quality Control Suite Launched

Creaform has announced the latest release in its R-Series line-up, including the new MetraSCAN-R BLACK|Elite scanning sensor along with the addition of four different models of CUBE-R 3D robotic scanning measuring machines. Creaform has also launched an all-new VXscan-R digital twin environment software module, which completes the company’s turnkey automated quality control solution suite. The Creaform measuring solution allows for the integration of quality control directly into manufacturing processes.

In its announcement Creaform invite manufacturers’ to discover the fastest and most versatile automated quality control solution in the market with blazing-fast cycle times and featuring 45 blue laser lines, in 3 orientations, creating a high-density scanning area that takes up to 1,800,000 measurements per second, while generating live meshes.

The enhanced CUBE-R robotic scanning measuring machines provides accurate and repeatable results – high accuracy of 0.025 mm (0.001″) in shop floor conditions, regardless of instabilities, vibrations and thermal variations. Offering a high measurement resolution of 0.025 mm (0.0009″) the measuring system generates highly detailed scans regardless of the surface, trim, geometric feature or type of sheet metal.

The new digital twin environment software, VXscan-R, enables users of all levels to easily and quickly program robot paths and optimize the line of sight of the robotic system. Nominal part features are extracted directly from the CAD model, and using simple programming tools, incorporating the concept of ‘tell me what you want to measure’. Users can select edges, surfaces and even draw a poly-line on the part. The software detects automatically for collisions, optimizes the robot path including sensor pose and provides the user with an estimated measurement cycle time. Full scanning simulation is available during program creation.

The system captures highly reliable 3D measurement data on shiny surfaces, objects with variations in reflectivity, different part sizes, and a wide variety of surface geometries offering maximum versatility. The CUBE-R, which is offered in 16 configurations along with the MetraSCAN-R BLACK|Elite can also be integrated into a custom measuring cell built according to a customer client’s specific customized needs. Options include different types of safety enclosures, payloads and asset protection configurations.

Creaform’s automated quality control solutions can be used by professionals who have little metrology knowledge due to designed-in operational simplicity. The MetraSCAN-R BLACK|Elite is compatible with major metrology software’s, enabling seamless integration within any type of production workflow. “Manufacturers need to achieve fast, accurate and repeatable output now more than ever before. With Creaform’s automated quality control solutions, manufacturers can increase their productivity,” explains Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie, Product Manager at Creaform. “By detecting and addressing quality issues faster based on statistical analyses, corrective measures can be more proactively implemented to mitigate total quality costs (TQC) and unprofitable recalls.”

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