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Automated Ballooning Software Provides Reporting Productivity

Level 3 Inspection LLC , a service provider of Computer Aided  Inspection (CAI) and dimensional layouts from high-accuracy 3D scanning has launched a new software application, L3I Dimensions, to integrate and automate the dimensional inspection and reporting process. This software application is optimized to meet the quick turnaround times needed for precision manufactured parts inspection and based upon the expereince gained from customer contracts demanding rapid results delivery.

“Our high-accuracy 3D scanning and proprietary processes of advanced dimensional inspection, geometric analysis, and conformance reporting have been integrated and the reports population fully automated, through this powerful tool that works with any measurement system to produce excellent CAI dimensional reports, with a non-technical operator, the fastest way possible.” explained Bill Greene, CEO of Level 3 Inspection. “Each blueprint is computer-itemized, or ‘ballooned’, and the software produces the industry-compliant inspection report forms, including the aerospace industry standard AS9102 form, Howmet Form 3 and GE eCav, or anything else the client may desire.” he expanded.

“We wanted to eliminate the human manipulation of inspection data, and the errors such cutting-and-pasting can cause.” said Scott McAfee, L3I’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Engineer. “By integrating the process we remove the human-error source, and dramatically improve the reporting efficiency. L3I Dimensions can work with data from any electronic measurement tool, including CMMs, e-gages, and optical metrology systems.” added McAfee, “We’re able to populate multi-sample dimensional inspection reports, a task that can normally take hours or a day, in mere minutes through this productivity software.”

The Level 3 Inspection team has distinguished itself as master practitioners in this rapidly growing advanced 3D metrology field. “These days everything must be brought to market faster, so our clients really appreciate the 30% time savings we provide in any precision manufacturing process optimization. Working with 10,000-times more information than any other measurement method, we can readily help our clients make better precision parts, at lower cost, much faster, and with greater confidence. We do this by cutting iterations and scrap, saving months and (often) millions.” stated Greene.

A trial license of L3I Dimensions can be requested.

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