AUKOM Standardized Training Modules Provides Theoretical Knowledge of Coordinate Metrology

Type ‘CMM Programmer’ into Linkedin and the search returns 3360 results. CMM Programming is a profession that is becoming ever more popular and critical since the role of the coordinate measuring machine in manufacturing continues to increase as quality and production become ever more integral. In reality there are now tens of thousands (maybe over 100 thousand) of professional CMM Programmers around the globe, all with a working knowledge of CMM vendor specific software.

Behind every effective CMM Programmer must be a sound understanding of three-dimensional coordinate metrology. Where did they learn this fundamental knowledge? The answer for sure is very varied. In many case this theoretical knowledge is already assumed when attending a CMM software training class to learn software functionality.

So who teaches the theory of coordinate metrology and how it relates to coordinate measuring machines? Technical Colleges? CMM & CMM Software Vendors?

Following a three-year research project by the Quality Research Association (FQS) in Germany, financed by the German Ministry of Labor and Economy, and in cooperation with equipment manufacturers, large end-users of coordinate measuring machines and the QFM faculty of the University of Erlangen, the AUKOM Training Standard for Production Measurement Technology was born.

Mechanical filter effect due to use of larger and a small stylus diameter

AUKOM training modules provide the opportunity to increase CMM knowledge and enhance measuring skills. AUKOM teaches standardized methods of measuring and provides in-depth training in all aspects of coordinate measuring technology. The multi-level, modular design of the courses enables trainees to obtain standardized knowledge and to have enhance trust in the executed CMM measured results.

The AUKOM website provides an e-learning section with extensive animation comprising 14 sections; e-learning is suggested as a prerequisite before attending an AUKOM Level 1 class. It’s a great refresher for all CMM Programmers.

An example of the level of detail in the e-learning section can be seen in the adjacent image.

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