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August 2020 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:
August was the month in which we received confirmation of the economic devastation being caused by the COVID pandemic. Metrology News reported machine-tool statistics from trade bodies in Japan, Germany and Italy with each reporting shipment declines of 32%, 46% and 39% respectively for the past 3 month period. We also brought news of the financial results of publicly traded metrology equipment suppliers, which all reported revenue declines from 11% to 35% for their respective reporting periods. With ‘working from home’ continuing to be prevalent, the transportation sector continues to struggle, and now we read almost daily of plant closings, consolidations and layoffs in the metrology critical aerospace and automotive sectors.

For sure all indications are the metrology sector is facing a difficult period ahead – one bright spot appears to be the metrology services sector where we hear increases in business revenues are being experienced by many providers.

Metrology News published numerous articles featuring Artificial Intelligence in August. Labor intensive visual quality part inspections are one of the early target applications for this emerging technology and we have seen several new automated inspection machines be brought to market to penetrate this application include the ‘Autonomous Quality Control Inspector’ featured as the lead-story below.

We also reported in past days on the creation of a new light source by scientists at the University of Southern California, whereby, “at a given distance light can be dynamically rotated around its center while also revolving around another central axis”. Given the dramatic uptake of structured light scanning by manufacturing industry over past years it will be interesting to witness how this new light source will impact the development of new sensor technology to further the penetration of optical metrology into traditional tactile inspection applications.

September was to be the kick-off month for a very busy upcoming exhibition schedule for the metrology industry including IMTS in Chicago. Almost all events remain postponed or cancelled so watch out for an uptick in virtual events, online seminars and eLearning opportunities as the industry develops new outreach tools to bring enhanced knowledge and the latest metrology technology and solutions to a virtual audience.

Despite August being traditionally the quietest month for news the Metrology News platform still published over 60 articles. In this months newsletter we showcase a number of these stories. The complete list of August articles can be accessed by clicking here.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Autonomous Visual Quality Control Inspector Launched

MusashiAI, a joint venture between Israeli SixAI and Japanese Musashi Seimitsu (a Honda Motor Corporation affiliate company), has announced the commercial availability of its autonomous visual quality control inspector. Live trials from December 2019 confirm that MusashiAI’s unique autonomous robotic visual inspector exceeds the speed, accuracy, and stamina of human workers … read more

Novel Approach Produces Completely New Dynamic Light Structure

It is not every day that scientists are able to produce an entirely new kind of light, but when they do the implications can be dramatic. When twisted light beams carrying orbital angular momentum were uncovered in 1992, researchers realized the potential to increase data transmission speeds over current approaches. … Read More

QUALITY LIVE Provides 360-Degree Quality Assurance

Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations 360 (MO360) makes complex vehicle production completely transparent and maximizes its efficiency. The new digital ecosystem comprises a family of software applications which are connected via shared interfaces and standardized user interfaces. These applications use real-time data to support the worldwide vehicle production of Mercedes-Benz Cars … Read More

Measurement Data To Go

ZEISS PiWeb app is a mobile solution for quality data management and is addressed to metrologists as well as quality and production managers. Through an intuitive measurement dashboard view and various visualization tools, users can get access to all important information about measurement results directly on their iOS device. Having the … read more

Inspect Suite Provides System-Independent 3D Data Evaluation

Professional evaluation is what turns precise measurement results into a competitive advantage. 3D metrology specialist GOM has become the gold standard in many sectors with its all-in-one GOM Inspect software with customers appreciating how easy the software is to operate and its reliable navigation that it provides along the entire … Read More

Robotic Non-Destructive Spot Weld Inspection

Strength tests on samples taken from parts consisting of 4,000-5,000 spot welds on a vehicle are an indispensable part of the automobile manufacturing process, which is costly, time and labour-intensive. Toshiba’s Inspection Solutions division has recently introduced a system that allows testing to be carried out automatically by robots in … Read More

Surface Metrology 3D Optical Profilers Launched

Polytec has announced the introduction of new 3D optical profiler products. The latest additions to the TopMap family are the Micro.View and Micro.View +. These leading-edge optical profilers are ideal for measuring roughness, texture, waviness, step heights and other surface parameter. For decades, the stylus profiler has been the mainstay in … read more

Robotic Vision Sensor Sees 3D

SensoPart’s latest software update for its VISOR Robotic vision sensor makes the setup of robotics applications even simpler and more flexible. Thanks to a considerably expanded scope of functions, all common 2D applications can be solved in the robotic control system with minimal effort. Furthermore, use of an additional 3D … read more

Why Industrial CT Scanning?

You’ve likely heard about the use of industrial CT scanning and may be wondering if adopting it is the right move for your growing manufacturing business. This article provides a look at the current state of product inspection, what CT scanning combined with analysis and visualization software brings to the … read more

Entering a New Era in Visual Inspection

Most factories have inspectors checking parts visually to make sure there are no defects. This is typically a labor intensive, time consuming, and highly subjective task. Companies spend countless hours inspecting parts for scratches, dents, missing or misplaced components and other kinds of … read more

Turnkey Automated QC Solution Offers Multiple Advantages

The optimization of manufacturing processes has become a priority for the vast majority of the automotive and aerospace industries. The parts designed, developed, and produced today are becoming more complex, requiring more advanced and extensive inspections with more accurate and reliable measurements. Because parts are no longer simple and angles are … read more

Driving Product Innovation With Reverse Engineering

Every time you capture physical reality to use as part of your digital design process, you are engaging in reverse engineering. Whether you call it reverse engineering or something else, you are almost certainly measuring physical parts and using those dimensions to inform multiple aspects of your product designs … read more

Large Part Inspection Hybrid Gantry CMM Launched

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has released its DELTA OPERA gantry style CMM.  The large volume DELTA OPERA CMM simplifies loading of very large parts in industrial environments. Its unique open structure enables users to load workpieces from three sides of the CMM, making part loading quicker, more flexible, and protecting workpieces … read more

Reverse Engineering Using 3D Scanning Provides Missing Link In Hot Stampings

The automotive sector relies on a multitude of manufacturing industries. Hot stamping is one of the most common processes in the race towards safer and lighter cars. It can be described as the process of transforming a thin, low-tensile-strength metal into high-strength steel through heat using a press and die … read more

AI Software Enables Real-Time 3D Printing Quality Assessment

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) researchers have developed artificial intelligence software for powder bed 3D printers that assesses the quality of parts in real time, without the need for expensive characterization equipment. The software, named Peregrine, supports the advanced manufacturing ‘digital thread’ being developed at ORNL that collects and analyzes data … Read More

Optical CMM Development Project To Capture 500 Million 3D Points Per Second

Fraunhofer IPM and Fraunhofer IAF, together with the ‘Optical Systems’ chair at the University of Freiburg, Germany have announced a joint project to develop the world’s first optical coordinate measuring machine for the full-surface measurement of large objects on a meter scale. The system is intended to measure components in … Read More

New ISO Standard Offers Integrated Model for Manufacturing Quality Information

The DMSC (Digital Metrology Standards Consortium) recently had their ANSI/DMSC QIF 3.0 metrology standard harvested, approved, and published by ISO as the new ISO Standard ISO 23952:2020. DMSC is the developer and maintainer of QIF (Quality Information Framework), and other metrology standards. These standards are intended to help advanced manufacturers reduce … Read More

The Challenges Measuring Super Smooth Surfaces

While the measurement of super smooth surfaces typically requires the use of optical metrology tools, it is important to realize that not all optical solutions are the same. The metrology option chosen for such surfaces must satisfy the need for extreme accuracy, … Read More

Electric Racing Series Places New Demands on Measurement Technology

The automotive industry is undergoing radical change and electric mobility has also found its way into motor racing. Formula E has become a crowd puller and a real competitor to Formula 1. Tight city circuits, unique interaction with the audience and sophisticated techniques with the attack mode – this is … read more

Redefining Quality Control With AI-Powered Visual Inspection

Emerging technology, from the introduction of assembly lines to the Internet of Things, has always defined manufacturing. With the creation of computers and early automation came traditional machine vision, in which machines analyze photos of parts and components for defects based on a set of humandefined rules. While it reduces human … Read More

Automotive Manufacturing Facility Robotic 3D Scanning

Ford is tapping four-legged robots at its Michigan Van Dyke Transmission Plant in early August to laser scan the plant, helping engineers update the original computer-aided design which is used when getting ready to retool plants. These robots can be deployed into tough-to-reach areas within the plant to scan the … read more

9 MeV High-Energy CT Scanner Launched

Every day, constant developments in manufacturing pose new challenges outside the realm of traditional inspection. As global technology demands require faster production times, and tightening regulations call for ultimate precision, inspection technologies need to work harder than ever to keep up. Waygate Technologies inspection systems and services is meeting the latest … read more

Digital Stereo 3D Viewer Provides Entire Part Inspection

Significant advancements have been made within the field of optical and digital inspection equipment over the past decade. Systems are faster, easier to use, automated, more accurate and have larger capacities. In contrast to this steady, incremental progress, Vision Engineering’s revolutionary patented DRV-Z1 (Deep Reality Viewer) represents a major game changer in … read more

Critical Fibre Orientation Measurements Ensure Composite Part Integrity

The Composite Centre of the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is a state-of-the-art facility for advanced composite manufacturing research and development. Based in a dedicated extension to the AMRC Factory of the Future, in Rotherham in the United Kingdom, the centre’s research is focused on manufacturing and machining composite components, including hybrid parts that combine high-performance … read more