Augmented Reality Field of View Part Scanner Launched

New InspecVision Accuity optical ‘field of view’ Scanner launched at the recent Control Exhibition in Stuttgart and presented what is claimed as the most automated optical gauging system on the market.

The Accuity offers a scanning area range of 119 mm x 90 mm with a 60mm scan depth and certified accuracy of 6 microns with a 3D single point repeatability is 1.8 microns. 3D art scanning time is 10 seconds. Accuity offers single click fixture-less part setup and inspection.

There are already a number of “field of view” scanners on the market which use telecentric lenses and are a useful alternative to a moving telecentric camera system when used to measure small 3D parts in 2D. The new InspecVision Accuity system differs from other systems in 2 important ways.

Upper Surface 3D Scan
The Accuity machine can acquire a 3D scan of the upper surface of the object using a structured light projector allowing the system to check both the 2D shape of the part and heights, angles and cross-sections of the upper part surface.  The scan 3D data can be directly compared to a CAD model.

Accurate 2D measurements at different heights

Dr. Jan Antonis InspecVision Managing Director comments “It’s an often ignored fact that even double telecentric lenses are not 100% telecentric; no lens is 100% telecentric.  This means that the images still have perspective which is a big problem for measurement systems which treat telecentric measurement as a fully 2D problem. 
The best telecentric lenses have a projection angle of 0.05 degrees, but its not unusual to have an angle of 0.1 degrees.  This may not sound like much but it can quickly obliterate the quoted <10 micron accuracies of the competing systems.  A change in Z of around 60mm over a 100mm field of view will change the size of an object by over 50 microns with a 0.05 degree double telecentric lens.  InspecVision have a unique and patented technology to compensate for this effect.  This ensures accurate measurements through out the measuring volume even in the Z direction.”

The Accuity system offer Augmented Reality projection of measured Errors by using a color projector to scan in 3D projecting scanned part deviations from nominal back onto the part, or highlight failed parts or features. System setup times is claimed to be less than 1 second due to the PMI import of part dimensions and tolerances from CAD.

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