ASF Metrology Closes Nikon Metrology CMM Business Acquisition

The previously announced acquisition of the Nikon Metrology coordinate measuring machines (CMM) business by ASF Metrology of Italy was closed on 31st March 2018.

Nikon Metrology’s CMM activities, with offices in Belgium, France, Germany, the UK and the USA represented approximately 25 % of the total Nikon Metrology worldwide consolidated turnover. With the divestment of its CMM activities Nikon Metrology intends to focus on non-contact metrology.

LK Metrology has relaunched as an independent UK CMM manufacturer headquartered in Derby, England. Former Nikon Metrology employees responsible for CMM and software products have transferred to LK Metrology; this includes global sales service, and operations at Derby. LK CMM development and production will continue at the company’s facility in Derby, which transfers to LK Metrology. CAMIO software development will also continue in Derby. LK Metrology will share sales offices with Nikon Metrology in the UK, USA, Belgium, France and Germany until separate LK Metrology offices are set-up later this year.

To coincide with the relaunch, LK Metrology and Nikon Metrology have announced a strategic partnership that will see Nikon Metrology continue in the CMM market as Preferred CMM Sales Partner for LK CMMs and LK as Preferred CMM Laser Scanner Sales Partner for Nikon Metrology CMM laser scanners and software.

ASF Metrology, is under the ownership and management of Angelo Muscarella, who has a long and proven track record in the CMM business. Angelo Muscarella, CEO of LK Metrology stated, “This is an exciting opportunity, the LK brand is strong. We will build on this success with new products and services. The management team has renewed energy and vision. The company includes engineers who have been with the brand for many years. We welcome Nikon Metrology as our Preferred CMM Sales Partner. This agreement opens up unprecedented opportunities, together we can strengthen our positions at the forefront of the multi-sensor CMM and software market.”

Brian Samson, the former VP Customer Services of Nikon Metrology, Inc has been appointed Managing Director of LK Metrology, Inc in USA.

The original LK Tool Company Limited was founded in Derby, England in 1963 and has been through numerous ownership changes over the years including Cincinnati Milicron, Metris and latterly Nikon Metrology. LK started operations in the USA in 1983 and this year LK celebrates its 55th anniversary of continuous CMM operations.

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