Arena 2036 Project Focused on Smart Automotive Production

ARENA2036 is an ambitious research program with a long term horizon that is anticipating the year 2036: the 150th anniversary of the car. The goal: “Lightweight design with integrated functionality in the versatile factory of the future”. The main objective of ARENA2036 is to prepare the the way for the automotive production of the future and comprises the following three strategic goals:

  • Product2036: light and with functional integration – redefining the borders of lightweight design based on multifunctionality and new materials.
  • Production2036: highly efficient and versatile – sustainable production in a versatile factory.
  • Arena2036a novel research environment working to shape the transformation of technology.

The cooperation platform started with seven foundation partners which has grown significantly to currently encompassing about 30 members including metrology company Faro. Other notable members include Kuka, John Deere,  Daimler, Bosch and Siemens.

The factory of the future must be able to optimize itself in order to be more flexible and agile than the current rigid production lines. FARO innovation manager, Dr. Denis Wohfeld is organizing the Digital Shadow project which involves an updated actual model of reality that can enable the planning and simulation of the factory of the future. He believes that this can be done by having sensors that scan the shop floor and also access the IT systems from the whole network and hardware installations. This will allow the data to flow together to form one model, a virtual representation of the entire factory. In order for the factory to evolve with Industry 4.0, expert measuring and imaging technology to support the reshaping of production processes and working environments is required.

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