April 2019 Metrology News Monthly Magazine

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This month’s editorial focus at Metrology News was upcoming Control Exhibition previews and Optical Metrology and its increasing role in production inspection. With the surprise announcement, causing an industry buzz globally, that Zeiss was acquiring market leading optical inspection company GOM – confirming the importance and continuing uptake of optical metrology solutions throughout manufacturing sectors. This month also saw several new optical inspection products launched including the new HandyScan Black from Creaform, a MEMS based laser scanner from Keyence, variable focus lens from Mitutoyo and a structured light inspection cell from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. In total 68 articles have been posted in April to-date confirming that the metrology sector continues to ‘pop’ daily with news-making stories. Our readership hit another new record level this month with the Zeiss/GOM news going viral and driving a significant number of 1st time visitors onto the Metrology News site.

Published articles this month included “Laser Radar Forecast To Provide Critical Inspection Role”, “Digital Twin, 5G and Industrial Internet of Things”, “3D Point Cloud, Optical Tracking & Dynamic Motion Captured in Common Coordinate System and “Focus Variation Technique In Comparison. Watch out for all the latest metrology news as it happens with Metrology News reporting daily directly from the upcoming Control Exhibition floor in Stuttgart.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Zeiss Acquires GOM

ZEISS is expanding the industrial metrology and quality assurance portfolio of its Industrial Quality & Research segment by acquiring GOM, a leading provider of hardware and software for automated 3D coordinate measuring technology. Both ZEISS and GOM have enjoyed strong growth in the past years and proved successful on the … read more

Creaform Launch HandyScan Black | New Portable Metrology Reference

Creaform has launched a reengineered and refined update to the HandySCAN 3D. The HandySCAN BLACK is the third-generation version of Creaform’s patented metrology-grade scanner; its launch marks more than 15 years of innovation of technology to meet the evolving needs of the manufacturing and engineering industries. The HandySCAN BLACK is … read more

MEMS Based ‘Drive Scan’ Laser Scanner Launched

Keyence has introduced its new ‘Drive Scan’ IX Laser Scanning Sensor offering camera-based target position detection. The laser-based tracking and height detection system irradiates the laser to the specified location and calculates the distance with its CMOS sensor. The laser angle is adjusted through high-accuracy control of a MEMS mirror, … read more

Laser Radar Forecast To Provide Critical Inspection Role in Automotive BIW Quality 4.0

The automotive industry is preparing for Industry 4.0 roll-outs by making large-scale changes to all of their processes, from design and engineering to production and aftermarket. The method of dimensional inspection, on the other hand, is still largely traditional, especially in the body-in-white (BIW) phase. Higher demands on production efficiency … read more

Breakthrough Variable Focus – Vibration Resistant – Lens Launched

Mitutoyo has announced the release of the TAGLENS series of products. Ideal for demanding inspection applications such as non-contact ultra-high speed inspection systems, the TAGLENS series reduces the need for mechanical focusing modules. Due to its capabilities, the TAGLENS is expected to transform the future of inspection and significantly increase … read more

Digital Twin, 5G & Industrial Internet of Things

How is a digital twin generated from machine data? How can companies apply the new 5G mobile communications standard in their production? What software is required to power the Industrial Internet of Things? These are the questions currently being addressed by the three Aachen-based Fraunhofer Institutes in collaboration with 15 … read more

Robotic Fit and Finish Automotive Cockpit Inspection

Total Controls, Inc, supplier of automated vision inspection systems, has installed its VisionSoft inspection systems at a Nissan automotive plant for both car and truck cockpit module lines. After eight months of development and testing, VisionSoft2D was launched into production at the Nissan, Smyrna facility in mid 2018.  … read more


Structured Light 3D Measurement Cell Launched

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched PartInspect L, the first automated 3D measurement cell product based on AICON scanner technology. Featuring a choice of structured-light scanning technology paired with a flexible robot arm and housed within a modular cell format, PartInspect L uses advanced automation expertise to meet increased demand for high-speed, … read more

3D Point-Cloud Scan, Optical Tracking & Dynamic Motion Captured In Common Coordinate System

Few metrology applications are as diverse as quality inspections, which encompass various inspection phases (first article, pre-production, in-line, and final inspection); inspection methods (non-destructive, reverse engineering, deformation testing, part-to CAD, etc.); part compositions (different materials and geometries); and part behavior (static or dynamic motion). And few industries encompass every aspect of … read more

Optical 3D Metrology Plays Critical Role In Lightweight Components Development Process

Bringing lightweight components into series production requires profound knowledge of materials – and that is the crux: The behavior of novel materials and structures is difficult to calculate and production processes are subject to different principles than for metal construction. Researchers at TU Chemnitz are now helping to provide a clearer … read more

Integrated Optical Inspection Measures Robotic Assembly Performance

Trending Industry 4.0. creating intelligent Factories of the Future is slowly becoming a fact as more companies implement solutions in their production facilities as part of this undertaking. The automotive industry is becoming a leader in this field using highly automated processes and innovative solutions for production. One of the leading … read more

Advanced Positioning System for Automated 3D Optical Measurement

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched LightRunner, a new advanced positioning tool that transforms automated 3D optical measurement by eliminating mapping time during the setup and measurement of parts. 3D optical measurement systems enable manufacturers to rapidly capture rich data sets from large surfaces and assembly features for defect detection … read more

Focus-Variation Technique in Comparison

Accurate measurement solutions with high resolution are a necessity whenever surface qualities and micro geometric features need to be examined. In comparison to alternative optical technologies, Focus-Variation closes the gap between typical 3D coordinate measuring technology and classical surface metrology devices. Profile Projectors Profile Projectors and other image processing systems are the … read more

Automatic ‘Go/No-Go’ Damage-Mapping Of Entire Aircraft Bays

With the growing adoption of its dentCHECK tool by airlines and MROs, 8tree is now rolling out dentCHECK pano – which promises to further accelerate aircraft damage inspections while maintaining the quality and ease of measurement. “Our latest pano offering marks a milestone in a multi-year journey that began with requests … read more

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