API’s 6 Degrees of Freedom. What’s Yours?

API provides the freedom to measure with both portable and automated metrology inspection solutions performing 6 Degrees of Freedom measurements. API knows you enjoy so much more than the freedom to measure in your daily life.

In the API “What’s Your Freedom?” video, API has compiled a sampling of some of the freedoms people enjoy every day;  they would like to know what your most valued freedoms are. Share your freedoms on the various social media platforms using the hashtags: #WhatsYourFreedom #MyFreedom #APImetrology And if you visit https://apimetrology.com/my-freedom/, you can upload your freedom to be entered to win a Six Degrees of Freedom T-shirt and possibly appear in the next “What’s Your Freedom?” video!

As the inventor of the Laser Tracker, API has been a pioneer in the portable metrology industry for over three decades. API’s award-winning product line includes the Radian Laser Tracker series, a suite of Machine Tool Calibration (MTC) products led by the XD Laser, Portable CMM Arms with non-contact scanning, and Smart Factory Inspection Systems (SFIS) with proprietary Robotic Measurement Software (RMS). And API’s world-class Services division boasts over 200 years combined metrology experience and can use all of these products onsite for everything from reverse engineering and part inspection to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Volumetric Error Compensation (VEC).

For more information: www.apimetrology.com