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API Expand Laser Tracker Channel Partners

Automated Precision Europe GmbH (API) has announced new partnerships in Holland and Denmark for its 3D metrology products which includes its RADIAN laser tracker series.

In Holland it has partnered with MeetConsult B.V., who, offering closer customer proximity to customers in the Netherlands, provide optimum solutions for 3D metrology tasks. MeetConsult are long-standing solution providers of laser-based metrology and measurement services for a wide range of industrial applications.

“As an API partner, we offer our customers the ability to perform industrial measurements faster and more accurately than before,” says Eelco Visser of MeetConsult B.V.. “Together with MeetConsult, API can now supply Dutch customers with innovative mobile 3D metrology, on-site measurement services, Laser Tracker calibration, and our attractive rental program, using more than 30 years of expertise in international markets and development,” adds Jens Pursche, Sales Manager of API. “Together, we will be able to reach interested parties in the Netherlands better than ever for optimal support of customer tasks through on-site visits or online demos from the API’s Virtual Showroom.”

MeetConsult has sold and supported high-end survey equipment since 2004, with many years of experience helping clients to operate 3D industrial Survey equipment. In addition to accurate optical measuring equipment such as leveling instruments, theodolites and Total Stations, they also market GPS / GNSS systems with centimeter accuracy and the necessary accessories for measuring work.

In Denmark, API has partnered with KvejborgApS.  “By working hand in hand as a team, prospects and customers in Denmark get the best support for 3D metrology solutions. We are proud to be a partner of API. API Laser Trackers are the best on the market and give us the opportunity to reach and solve challenges for clients with big parts,” says Søren Kvejborg, General  Manager of KvejborgApS.  Jens Pursche adds: “The know-how and products of API and KvejborgApS complement each other perfectly. We look forward to delivering optimal support and solutions for customers.”

The KvejborgApS team has been selling equipment and 3D solutions to Danish Industries, for the last 11 years. During this time Kvejborg has built up a long, impressive list of clients and companies that use their equipment and solutions. What is most important is to “Keep Clients Happy and Confident“. The way to do this is to give the customer what he needs and not just what Kvejborg has.  With its long market experience Kvejborg is expanding its equipment portfolio continuously.

For over 30 years, as the inventor of the Laser Tracker, API has been an expert in innovative mobile 3D metrology equipment, on-site measurement services, and Laser Tracker calibration. API also offers an attractive rental program for immediate availability. Online demonstrations of API products are available on short notice to customers in Denmark.

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