API Adds Brunson’s KinAiry System to Laser Tracker Certification Arsenal

Automated Precision Inc. (API) – Services Division has announce the addition of the Brunson KinAiry system to its laser tracker certification arsenal. The KinAiry field testing solution allows Automated Precision to conduct a test of the tracker’s performance in under half an hour. The included software records all measurements, and chart dynamically calculated maximum permissible errors enabling the creation of non-proprietary (CSV) files for the test data.

With this system, API can generate a report for the customer, either in the Services office or at the customer’s site, in a format that provides a direct comparison to the manufacturers MPE’s (provided to Brunson by each manufacturer). Since the KinAiry is equipment agnostic, this allows  Automated Precision to use the system to certify trackers produced by any of the major metrology equipment manufacturers. The test procedure itself is derived from NIST’s Interim Field Test Procedure IR-8106, which adds another layer of credibility to the certification process.

For more information: www.apisensor.com