Ambitious Global Metrology Project Launches Initial Coin Offering

Global Metrology Project (GMP) is an ambitious international project aimed at creating a network of metrology centers and innovative technology clusters.

According to experts the cost of metrological provision constitutes 5-10 % of social labor, and for branches of industry producing complex equipment it can reaches 20-30%. Metrology and services in developed countries constitutes 4-6% of the gross domestic product (GDP). In an era of the global introduction of new technology and automation the global metrology services market is predicted to grow at more than 10% per annum.

GMP commenced its initial implementation phase in 2015. Successful project results of the pilot provides GMP management to have confidence that the project has global potential. In near future more than 200 GMP centers will be opened in 70 countries around the world. It is planned that innovative technology clusters will open their doors in both Asia and Europe.

Funding of the Russia originated project is being raised through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) over 4 phases with a total planned investment of $450 million.

The 65 page white-paper and detailed video presentations are available for review on-line.

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