AM High Temperature Laser Scanning

Modern production methods and increased quality requirements demand the use of more integrated and process-related measuring methods. In light of this, Geran research organization, BAM has developed an innovative high temperature laser profilometer which involves a laser beam being widened and directed onto the part which rotates within the measuring chamber.

The measuring device can be used for various manufacturing processes including: the production of additive manufactured components and the development of metallic components for high-temperature applications.

The scattered light trace reveals the shape of the sample. “One advantage of this method is its high laser intensity. This allows measurements in temperatures of up to 1700 degrees Celsius”, explains BAM expert Dr Ralf Müller. “In addition, the device records the measured values so quickly that we can also utilize it during sintering.” With this, even temporary deviations from the sample geometry can be uncovered during the burning process. This effect, referred to as temporary warpage, can ultimately lead to component failure.

BAM has cooperated with medium-sized enterprises specialized in developing measurement technology and laboratory furnaces for the development of its measuring method. The measuring device is currently being brought to market maturity.

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