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All-in-One | Roundness | Contour | Surface Roughness | Checker

Covering every base in the scope of roundness testing, the all-new Roundtracer Extreme from Mitutoyo is the advanced CNC roundness/cylindricity measuring system that is ready for anything. The high-end Roundtracer Extreme quality assurance machine integrates roundness, contour, and surface roughness functions into a single device.

Launching in the second quarter of 2021, Mitutoyo is releasing a measuring system that consolidates processes and improves productivity through the combination of multiple measuring methods. The Roundtracer Extreme machine is able to perform a variety of quality assurance and measuring tasks in tandem with the already highly respected Mitutoyo software.

The system comes equipped with technology developed to improve the efficiency of measuring tasks at every point. To tackle this head-on, Mitutoyo enabled continuous automatic measurement by enhancing the flexibility with a 3-step motorized sliding axis and a detector and detector holder, capable of changing the stylus angle. This makes it easy for users to measure objects of any shape or size while avoiding interference from the workpiece.

To improve repeatability and reproducibility, great strides were made in the advanced architecture of its centering table to reduce any positional changes of the workpiece during the measurement.

Meant as a high-end product, the Roundtracer Extreme is intended to be the upcoming standard for multiple measurements in quality assurance departments around the globe. Ready for applications supporting a wide variety of workpieces, Roundtracer Extreme will deliver efficient, high-precision measurements including the support of the lead analysis.

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