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Alignment Laser Improves Machine Tool Parallelism Accuracy

Renishaw has introduced a new XK parallelism kit which provides an innovative method to perform parallelism measurement using its XK10 alignment laser system. The XK parallelism kit enables users to measure point-to-point straightness deviation or the overall angular misalignment between two nominally parallel axes.

The XK parallelism kit is designed to improve the accuracy of, and give visibility of, the mechanical alignment of a machine’s structure during assembly.

The kit includes a pentaprism which can be used to accurately turn the laser beam from the XK10’s launch unit through 90 degrees, enabling alignment along a reference rail. This allows the reference from the launch unit to be preserved and compared against the measurement rail. Measurements are displayed digitally to verify parallelism of the two rails and enable adjustments to be performed during build.

The XK10 alignment laser system has been developed for use during the build and alignment of machine tools, replacing the need for artefacts. It can be used on linear rails to ensure that they are straight, square, flat, parallel and level, as well as to assess spindle direction and coaxiality of rotary machines. The XK10 is also a powerful tool for diagnosing the source of errors following a collision or as part of regular maintenance.

Measuring geometric and rotational errors during machine build, maintenance and service, enables accurate alignment and adjustment of machine axes to achieve optimum performance. This reduces time during machine assembly processes and on-site service, including regular maintenance or following a collision.

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