AirTrack Laser Scanning Robot Offers Automated Production Metrology Solution

Industrial Robots are playing an increasing role in automating metrology tasks integral in the production process. Robots are repeatable but not necessarily accurate and therefore have to be externally tracked to provide more accuracy in the collected metrology data. An integrated solution called AirTrack from Kreon France incorporates Robot, Scanner, Optical Tracker and Metrology Software.

The AirTrack solution is based upon a laser scanner attached to a multi-axis robot wrist providing a robust, accurate and reliable production metrology solution. Working with Metrolog X4 i-Robot software, Airtrack Robot is perfectly suited for production applications requiring flexibility and productivity.

The AirTrack Robot system is simple to configure and maintain. This solution is compatible with all brands or types of robot, with any size and accuracy level. The robot motion-path is entirely controlled by Metrolog X4 part program and its measurement positions tracked by optical tracker and synchronized with acquired measurement data.

The MultiTRAK can support two or more Optical Trackers within a single measurement volume thereby increasing further productivity by enlarging the measurement volume within a single setup. Probes and scanners move seamlessly through the unified measurement volume using a single software measurement plan.

The Kreon Zephyr II Blue laser scanner mounted on the AirTrack Robot provides the following benefits:

  • High accuracy on any kind of material, even on shiny surfaces, without consuming time for part preparation: sprays or markers are not necessary
  • Integral touch trigger probe in the scanner for contact measurement
  • Compact size enabling data acquisition on complex shape parts within hard-to-access zones
  • Measurement accuracy fully independent of robot precision due to AirTrack optical tracker
  • Temperature compensation
  • Auto Quality Check (AQC) and optimisation.

AQC  functionality increases the system performance, accuracy and data output. AQC makes it possible to automatically control scan data quality providing:

  • Automatic compensation of different materials’ optical characteristics during scanning provides maximum surface flexibility to capture reflective parts in their natural state without preliminary surface preparation
  • Functions to evaluate optimal scanning distance; display of real-time preview of scan data is also available
  • User controlled scan quality according to the application

Metrolog X4 i Robot is a fully automated software solution, integrating optical CMM, 3D laser scanner, robot and Metrolog metrology software. Metrolog X4 software is used for comparative analysis of dimensional characteristics of the part compared to CAD definition, flush and gap, sections and surfaces. It provides a full control of robot directly from Metrolog X4, programming robot trajectories directly from the CAD model.

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