Airbus Expands Scope of dentCHECK Endorsement

Airbus has approved dentCHECK for assessing and reporting dent-size damage on composite cabin floor boards on all Airbus aircraft types. dentCHECK is the only handheld portable and completely wireless 3D inspection tool to be recommended by Airbus for this specific application. This recognition significantly expands the scope of Airbus’ original endorsement of dentCHECK last year, which allowed for mapping of dents on metallic surfaces.

Airbus’ Tool Equipment Manuals (TEM) and Tool Equipment Bulletins (TEB) are being updated to reflect this latest recognition of dentCHECK.

We are glad to see Airbus’ continued recognition of our dentCHECK inspection tool, and believe this expanded approval will enable operators to quickly identify and evaluate damage on cabin composite floor panels to allowable limits”, said Arun Chhabra, CEO, 8tree. “This is a strong validation of 8tree’s rigorous design philosophy to create a purpose-built inspection tool for aviation maintenance, that empowers all skill levels with objective, consistent and accurate ‘go/no-go’ answers, instantly. With the click of a single-button, we deliver definitive answers, instead of mountains of complex engineering data. As more and more of the world’s airlines and MROs continue implementing dentCHECK into their operations, we believe the broadened scope of Airbus’ approval will further strengthen operators’ ability to efficiently and confidently maintain the structural integrity of their aircraft.”

As dentCHECK adoption grows across the aviation industry, a number of operators are revealing the significant and beneficial impact of dentCHECK to their operations. Published case-studies demonstrate as much as 90% savings in time taken to map, report and disposition dent damage.

dentCHECK empowers aircraft maintenance operations with first-of-its-kind objective and consistent dent-inspection results, and the ability to significantly expedite blend-out analysis in combination with traditionally recommended ultrasonic tools. This reduces aircraft Turn-around-Time (TaT), which in turn reduces lost revenues and improves operational efficiency for airlines. dentCHECK enhances safety through an improved understanding of airframe reliability.

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